Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Come and join us...

Thanks for visiting our blogsite. We are really excited about our team and the direction things are going. The MMA world is expanding and we are going to go with it. Team Unbreakable is made up of people young and old. We teach our students in the arts of Muy Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Jiu-jitsu. Many of our students are just there learning MMA, merely for the purposes of physical fitness, or for the mental assurance that they can defend themselves. And more than a handful are training, nearly full-time, and fighting in amateur, semi-pro, and pro cage fights. But the team is for anyone who wants to learn one or more of the above-mentioned martial arts, for any reason. (Although we aren't here to teach you how to street fight; no thugs allowed.)

We're very excited and looking forward to opening up a new, state-of-the-art gym in Salem, UT. This gym is going to be all-inclusive; free-weights, machines, lap pools, cardio classes, self-defense, and MMA. So, this gym will be a great gym for anyone. We're projecting a date of July or August of 2009 for the opening of this facility, as it's currently under construction. That's right; it's a brand new building. We'll keep you posted on the exact opening date. But we want to give you the heads up, so you don't make the mistake of getting yourselves roped into a gym contract elsewhere.

We'll be posting more photos of our team and our training and events soon. Please visit often and ask any questions you can think of.